Key intervention + comparator data

The data you extract will be slightly different depending on the type of intervention/comparator in each study. Here are are few examples of the key data to extract:

For a medical intervention/comparator:

Drugs used

Doses of those drugs

How were drugs administered (swallowed pill? In an IV? Any titration protocols?)

How frequently and how long did participants receive the drugs?

For a surgical intervention/comparator:

Type of surgery

Details about how surgery was performed

Type of materials used in the surgery

Experience level of the surgeon(s)

Anesthesia protocol

For an exposure (such as second hand smoke)

Type of exposure

Duration of exposure

Intensity of exposure

Mechanism of exposure

How recent was the exposure?

You might see the comparator described as inactive, placebo or “usual care.” This isn’t enough information. Be sure to gather specific data on what the comparator was and how it was administered.