Using the Data Comparison Tool

The SRDR+ Data Comparison tool helps you make side-by-side comparisons of your data extractor decisions. You can find the Data Comparison tool in the Project tab of SRDR+, under “Tools.” 

This will bring you to a table listing all of the studies in your systematic review that had two or more extractors.  To view a side-by side comparison of the extraction decisions for a study on the list, click the Consolidate button.

This will take you to a side-by-side view of the data your extractors entered into each tab of your extraction form.
That side by side comparison will look like this:

In this form, the data was extracted by two people: BryantAdmin and ESAStudent. Can you find places where they made different choices?

Once you’ve found places where your data extractors disagree, you’ll go through each disagreement one by one and decide which entry is correct, in a process we call “data consolidation.”