SRDR+ Basics

How do you use SRDR+? Before we show you how to log-in and create a project, let’s start by looking at an example of an SRDR+ extraction form. 

The tabs at the left side are designed to help you organize the sections of your data extraction form. 

You might be used to organizing your data by the elements of PICO (D). This form includes all of those elements, but uses slightly different words in a different order. That’s because the SRDR+ form is designed to loosely follow the chronological order of how data appears in a research article.

The form is also meant to be flexible across study designs, not just for “intervention” studies. Thus, for example, SRDR+ uses the term “arms” instead of “intervention” and “comparator.”  

On the next page, we’ll offer a quick explanation of where all of your PICO (D) elements belong.