Saving Extracted Data in SRDR+

There are two main ways to save extracted data into SRDR+:

  1. Enter your data into SRDR as you’re extracting data from studies. This is known as “prospective” data extraction.
  2. Extract your data in another form (such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel) AND THEN enter the data into SRDR. This is known as “retrospective” data extraction. 

If you’re using the “prospective” data entry approach, you simply type or copy and paste data values, individually, into data fields on your SRDR+ extraction form.

If you’re using the “retrospective” approach, where you’re transferring data from another form, you have the option of: 

  1. Manual entry: Typing or copying and pasting data values, individually, into data fields on the extraction form.
  2. Importing: This requires formatting and saving the data as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Then, use the SRDR+ import tool to transfer the spreadsheet data into data fields on the SRDR+ extraction form. For instructions on how to do so, click here.
  3. Uploading: This requires using the SRDR Manage Reports tool to “attach” files to SRDR+ projects. This makes it possible for other users to download the data.

If you need help importing or uploading your data into SRDR+, you can find step-by-step tutorials on the SRDR Help & Training page at