Same resources, more volunteers

If you can’t afford to hire more staff, consider tapping into networks of volunteers to help with the screening and extracting process. You might want to recruit clinicians, other healthcare workers, methodologists, and/or researchers/students who are interested in learning more about the topic area or systematic reviews in general.

Cochrane Crowd, for example, is an online citizen science platform initiated by the Cochrane Collaboration that encourages global volunteers to identify and classify randomized controlled trials that may later be used in a (Cochrane or non-Cochrane) systematic review. 

Or consider finding patients who want to know more about the research process. It is important to note that while untrained volunteers may add more human resources to the project, it may take time to train and monitor these reviewers.

So, the next time gained through volunteers may not be as great as one would expect given the time needed to oversee their work. It’s important to note that any rapid review should still have extensive input from systematic review methodological experts and the relevant clinical or topic-specific experts.