Same resources, better technology

You can also use technology to automate or streamline your screening and extracting process.

Here at CESH, we’ve developed two free, open-source tools that can make your review more efficient:

  1. Abstrackr – Online screening software that supports collaborative, simultaneous screening and uses machine learning to identify the most relevant studies.
  2. SRDR+ – Online extraction software and data repository. Reviewers can customize existing data extraction and risk of bias assessment forms or build new ones, manage and compare extractions from multiple reviewers seamlessly, and store data for future use during updates or in other reviews.

In addition to Abstrackr and SRDR, there are other commercially available software options (e.g., DistillerSR) for screening and extraction. While each offers different features and costs, the benefit of these tools is that they help to accelerate the process and allow multiple team members to work on the same project simultaneously.

For more information, check out our course on “Data extraction tools: A focus on SRDR+”.