After you’ve collect data about the study design, you’ll want to collect the most important information: the results of the research!

You’ll be extracting both the findings of statistical analyses and raw data on your outcomes of interest from the research study.

Here are some typical numbers and calculations that will go into the results section of your data extraction form:

Sample size

Mean difference

Standard errors/deviations

Confidence intervals

Counts of events

Odds ratios/risk ratios

Regression coefficients (adjusted and unadjusted for confounders)

Models fit

For more information on how to combine and analyze these results, see our meta analysis course.

Of course, the specific data you gather for all of these categories will vary depending on your question and the available research, but these initial suggestions will give you a good start.

Now that you have a better idea of what you’re looking for, try extracting some data from a real study.